Veggie Platter with Bean and Pesto Dip

Veggie Platter with Bean and Pesto Dip

Fresh summer vegetables are here and no better way to serve them than with this simple bean dip. It is so easy to make, really takes only 5 minutes, and makes the perfect appetizer for a party. I have taken a tray of veggies with this dip twice to parties and it was a hit! Check out the recipe below:

Dip :

1 can (540ml) of white beans

30ml (2 tbsp) of basil pesto (see page 76 in our book Saison La table vegan) 30m

30ml (2 tbsp) of extra virgin olive oil

2 green onions

15 ml (1 tbsp) of water or more if needed

Salt and pepper, to taste

10ml (2 tsp) of Zaatar

Rinse the white beans in water and drain. Blend all of the ingredients, except 15ml (one tablespoon) of the pesto, until mixed. Transfer the dip into a serving bowl and add remaining pesto as decoration. Serve with your vegetable or crackers of choice. Here we used celery, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, endive leaves and fennel with a side of corn chips.