Saisons - La table vegane

Saisons - La table vegane

Introducing our new book Saisons -La table vegane launching this November 13th!

This is a project born out of a passion for living simply and beautifully. About eating healthy and living each day with purpose and meaning. It was 2 years ago I talked to my daughter Chloe about an idea I had for a cookbook/lifestyle book that we could do together. I had recently made many changes in my life by quitting my corporate job and starting my own line of ceramics. My passion for making dishware was born out of my love for the art of the table and for slow living that had become so important in my life. Chloe too was turning her own career as a photographer more and more to lifestyle and food. We were at the perfect moment in both of our journeys to begin this beautiful project. 

Julie, one of the founders of Oatbox, had been working with Chloe over the past few years and they discovered their philosophy and love for food and the beauty of all things cooking and styling was in perfect sync. Julie's knowledge and dedication to her craft made her the perfect partner for Meadow and Land and we asked her to join us in this amazing adventure.

We chose to make our cookbook not just about great recipes but great vegan recipes. Chloe has been vegan for two years and has had a great influence on both Julie and how we eat and think about vegan food. We believe that everyone should incorporate more plant based meals into their diet, even if they choose not to be vegan or vegetarian. It just makes sense for our health and for the health of the planet. 

We also believe it is by being making each moment in life special and meaningful that we gain the biggest reward. It is through gathering friends and family to create a delicious and healthy meal, sharing conversation around a beautiful table and being present that our lives and home are enriched.

We can not wait for you to see the full book and to try the delicious recipes! To pre-order a signed copy go to our shop page (coming soon). The first 50 customers will receive a Meadow and Land dish with their order.