Inspiring Travels: Copenhagen

Inspiring Travels: Copenhagen

Chloe and I recently had the great fortune to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was part of a 16 day trip we took to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Barcelona. We made it a food and design tour to get ideas for the book and for our businesses as ceramicist and photographer. 

I can not tell you how much I adored Copenhagen! It suited me personally in so many ways...the food, the fashion, design and the simplicity all appealed to me. I found the restraint and orderliness of the city fit with how I like to live and with my personal esthetique. I have written on my lookslikewhite blog many times about Scandinavian design and how it has influenced my work and to see it first hand was so inspiring. 

I have always looked at each detail and the mix of details, the simplicity in form and design, as to what makes something standout and this is what we found in Copenhagen. From the street lamps to the bike lanes, each detail creates a simple kind of order and beauty that speaks to me. 

The vegan food scene is quite good with various restaurants in the Norebro quarter being some of our favourites. We loved the restaurant Baste which was not vegan but had very good vegan options. The most amazing pizza and the ambiance of the restaurant was lively and fun. We also loved Grod that had super vegan options for breakfast and lunch. On the same street was the vegan burger resto Astrid och Apornas Spiseri. Not sure what that means but the burgers were amazing!

Just down the street from some of these restaurants was the shop of one my favourite ceramicists Keramiker Inge Vincent. She makes impossibly thin ware that is incredibly thoughtful and beautiful. Of course I had to buy a piece!

Where to visit? Here are my top three spots:

Lousiana Museum- The most peaceful museum located 40 minutes outside of Copenhagen by the sea easy to access with a short (and very beautiful) train ride

Grundtvigs Kirke – Visually stunning church that you must see. All of the materials are in one colour tone, creating a calm, warm environment.

Rundetaarn- A tower in the middle of the downtown area that has so much history. The curves and structure of this building are what I love most in Danish design.


All photos Chloe Crane-Leroux


One of our favourite stores Stilben

One of our favourite stores Stilben