Winter Chills

Winter is always so long in Quebec and we really need to find the beauty in the landscape and outdoor activities. Walking outside in the silent snowy evenings or making a fire outside and drinking hot chocolate make it all seem so much more fun.

Of course cooking and eating a great meal are one of the best ways to enjoy the winter months. Check out the Winter section in our book for wonderful recipes like Sweet Potato and Red Pepper soup or a delicious Mushroom Bourgonaise. These are hearty meals that are great to share so make a big pot of both to last you a few nights or for a big gang to join in the fun.

Surprise everyone by setting an outdoor table near the fire! This can be so much fun and you can still stay warm with some blankets to cover the legs and lots of extra sweaters and scarves for your guests. 

Even though winter is long make it a point to get out and enjoy it as much as you can.....find the beauty in each moment..