Create + Gather + Nourish

Welcome to Meadow & Land. This brand is about life....about living life with purpose, with joy, with intent. It is about healthy living and seeing the world around you in all its beauty. 

We are three women, passionate about life around the table. Julie, our chef, is a master of her craft in the kitchen, Trudy is a designer and ceramicist and Chloe is a stylish New York/Montreal based photographer.

Our goal is to bring you information that can add meaning to your life, around the table and around your home. That means weekly vegan recipes to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Not necessarily becoming vegan, but recipes to encourage you to eat plant based meals at least 2-3 times a week. Eating less meat is good for you and good for the planet so new recipes will be shared and we encourage you to share you favourite vegan recipes with us. 

We will also give you ideas to add beauty to your everyday. How to set a beautiful table for when you are home alone or for a table of 12. Mixing and matching of tableware and how to buy and use vintage items throughout your home. 

We also want to take you out of your home city, wherever that may be, and give you ideas of what to explore whereever you travel. 

Meadow and Land is really about three things:

Create - Beautiful healthy meals, and a happy beautiful home

Gather - Those closest around you to share

Nourish - Your mind, body and spirit


Trudy, Julie, Chloe